15 January 2015



As you know, I am diabetic with all the problems that go along. One of my greatest fears is losing my legs as my grandfather lost his from diabetes. I suffered severe neuropathy in both my legs and feet. In addition to that, I had 3 stints put in my left leg last summer and was diagnosed with PAD. I was experiencing severe leg cramps nightly.
Hardly a night went by when I wasn't awakened by them and had to jump out of bed and walk around. This would happen several times a night. Since taking Vivix, I have not been awakened a single evening with a leg cramp. So wonderful! And I can feel my toes again. They no longer feel like wooden appendages down there. Bless Shaklee and Vivix! I now experience full nights of restful sleep.
Cathi S. Lindall, CPA


In October of 2007 I was diagnosed with a Basel Cell carcinoma (skin cancer) on my left shin. The Dermatologist cut and scraped it out and asked to see me again in 6 months. In July of 2008 the lesion had not healed and appeared to be even larger. We scheduled a surgical procedure to remove the entire lesion including going as deep as needed and excising healthy skin all the way around (about the size of a quarter).

In August I began using VIVIX. 4 weeks later, I went for the surgery and the cancer was essentially gone! I've been a dedicated Shaklee nutrition user for many years and VIVIX was the only difference in my supplement program. Ed has been diabetic for many years and on insulin for a number of them. He has struggled for a long time to get his A1C levels below 7 (these levels are measured every 6 months and are more important than the daily sugar levels to determine how well you are managing your disease). After 4 weeks on VIVIX his regular check-up indicated his A1C levels have dropped from 7.2 to 6.6. We're expecting even better results at the next checkup!
Ann & Ed Mangelsen

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